Monday, April 22, 2013

Our mayor is the best!

Last week we attended the Frisco City Council meeting where our mayor, Maher Maso, read a proclamation recognizing World Autism Awareness Day.  The mayor asked Will if he wanted to say anything.  Will grabbed the mic, thought for a minute, then said, "Baby car."  He's a little obsessed these days with the Toyota Prius.

I recently found out that Frisco ISD has almost 700 students enrolled that are on the autism spectrum.  I knew it would be a lot considering the number of young families in Frisco - but I didn't expect the number to be so high.  Will's teacher did the math - that actually puts the number at 1 in 86/87 on the autism spectrum.  The national average is 1 in 88.

We were so grateful that some of Will's teachers came out to support last Monday - they truly care about Will.  And thank you to the mayor and city council for their continued support!

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