Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saying goodbye...

When I was a little girl, I loved limousines.  I was convinced I was going to be a movie star and that my first car was going to be a black stretch limo.  I.  LOVED.  LIMOS.

The morning of my father's funeral, I sat looking out of our big front window watching family members and friends arrive.  Every time someone came through the front door, there were more tears and hugs, more sadness.  I just stared out of the window.  Then it arrived.  A long stretch limousine.  I'd forgotten about the limos.  

As the family made our way to the cars, I cried.  I didn't want to ride in the limo.  Limos were supposed to be fun and glamorous, not sad.  And ever since that day, I've hated riding in stretch limousines.

Well, the inevitable will occur tomorrow as my family gather's to funeralize my auntie Mable.  I'll have to get back into one of those damn limos.  I last saw Mable a couple of week's ago to attend my mom's retirement party.  Auntie Mable didn't make it to the party - she was in the hospital for what we thought were kidney stones.  We would later find out that it wasn't kidney stones at all.  It was lung cancer - stage 4.  And it had spread.  There were masses in her lungs, liver and on her buttocks.  She was sent home from the hospital with little hope and no plan.  A little over 4 weeks later, auntie Mable was gone.

I will miss my auntie tremendously.  There are too many good memories to list.  I loved her so much.  Every time I called she asked about my babies.  She asked about Ryan.  She always cared and she loved us all so much.  Yes, she will be missed.

So we'll cry together, laugh together, mourn together tomorrow while remember the life of my dear auntie Mable.  I know my dad was waiting for her with open arms and he undoubtedly said, "Welcome home."

And I had to share this pic... we took it a while back.  We've all posted it on Facebook.  But no one noticed until yesterday auntie Mable standing in the background...

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