Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet the teacher night!

Well, school starts Monday (THANK YOU JESUS) so we got a chance to meet the kids' teachers tonight.

Bryn will be in Mrs. Peek's class at Corbell.  During the intro meeting tonight, we found out they decided to add another kindergarten class, so there will only be 17-18 kids in each class.  I LOVE my school district!  Bryn will need some attention - after being in Montessori school for several years, this is bound to be a bit of a transition for her.  But she's a champ - I know she'll do great!

Will will be attending Phillips School this year.  It's his fifth school since 2008!  Luckily he does great with transitions.  His teacher Mrs. Biggers is so excited about her class.  She has a heart for our kiddos and I know Will is going to thrive in her class.  The school is great too - they set up a picture area for families to commemorate the beginning of the school year!

A highlight of the night was watching Will recognize his teachers and staff.  His teachers at his old school made a picture book of his new school, complete with pictures of the staff and all of the different rooms like the gym, music room, etc.  He'd see a teacher/staff member he recognized from the book.  He'd say, "What is your name?"  The teacher would respond, and he'd say something along the lines of, "Mrs. _____ from the speech class."  It was pretty awesome!

Can't wait to see what this school year brings!

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