Monday, September 9, 2013

It's that time of year again - WALK NOW FOR AUTISM SPEAKS

Team Will is at it again!!!!  Unfortunately, somebody nabbed my name (thief) but I made sure everyone knows we're THE Team Will.  Please consider making a donation by visiting our team page!  And come out and walk!

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j said...

I was reading your blog in the early AM and felt impressed to reach out. Great blog and information regarding Autsim and your support in the community. It helps to read someone who can relate and share their experiences of raising a child with Autism.

My wife and I are moving to the area next month. I have accepted a job in Dallas and am currently living with friends in McKinney and working here until we get the house back in UT squared away and then we will be looking for a place to lease for a year until we decide on where we are going to live permanently. I have 3 kids with my middle boy, Lincoln, who as Autism. Lincoln was diagnosed with PDD-NOS a around 2 1/2 years old and we have him in both early PK and OT/ST support. We have been really happy with the services we receive back in Utah and are hopeful we can find comparable services here in North Texas. We have a lot of fiends that live in the McKinney/Allen/Frisco areas and are now trying to work through all the differences between all the ISD’s here in Texas and trying to figure out the best area that would be the most accommodating for Lincoln. I have asked several people in the area and they will all tell me that their ISD is the best for this reason and that but none of them can speak to the special education services of their ISD and which one would be the best for my son.

Having read a little of your blog, you seem to have a good understanding of not only Austim but what services are available for your son and what is available in the area. Have you been happy with the services available in Frisco ISD? Would you recommend another ISD over Frisco?

Thank you for your time and any information you are able to provide. My wife is so pre-occupied with moving and what goes into it back home that she has left a lot of this all to me regarding the schools and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Any information you have would be appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Jason Bergeson