Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Culture Map Dallas Feature - I'm an Influential!

I'm so excited to share this with you... I'm honored to be included among some of Dallas' finest!  Check out the article at Culture Map Dallas.

You can never have too much of a good thing, and Dawn Neufeld proves it. A business litigation attorney by day and philanthropist by night, this mother of two and wife of former NFL’er Ryan Neufeld is even taking a stab at television show hosting over atThe Broadcast.
Neufeld has worked tirelessly with the Junior League of Dallas in placements such as Booker T. Washington and Habitat for Humanity. Other volunteer ventures include serving as a board member for the Dallas Theater Center, working with the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation, and contributing to various charities involving autism.
Whether it’s being an advocate for Autism Speaks or using her platform as a competitor in Mrs. Texas America to increase autism awareness, she is a true hero in that community. And she is squarely in it, as a mother of child with autism.
Neufeld is relentless in her efforts to better the world around her, and she is a shining example of walking the talk. She enjoyed her Junior League placement at Habitat for Humanity so much that she did it again. Last week, she could be found passing out Thanksgiving meals forMinnie’s Food Pantry. And she went to Oklahoma after the devastating tornados to help with relief efforts.
“We’re all just an adversity away from needing a hand up,” Neufeld says. “Volunteering reminds me to count my blessings and not take anything for granted.”
This charming, beautiful community leader is a woman of many talents, so we had to find out what makes her tick.
What is your chief characteristic?
My ability to overcome adversity. My dad died from a heart attack when I was 9, and my mom had to raise three young daughters on her own. It was tough. At a young age, I had to learn how to persevere through tragedy. What I learned is that regardless of how bad something is, it will get better, and in the end I'll be okay. As long as I maintain that perspective, I can get through just about anything.  
Your idea of happiness?
Happiness is all about living in the moment. Regardless of the chaos going on around you, there is so much to be grateful for right here, right now. Finding contentment in my circumstances is my happy place.
Your idea of misery?
Sitting in Tollway traffic at 8 on a Monday morning.
Your favorite food and drink?
My favorite food is bacon. It's a gift from God. It makes everything better. 
At a bar you'll catch me drinking a Cosmo or one of the specialty drinks on the menu. I had a cucumber martini at Jasper's recently that was to die for. But this girl also likes to drink beer when kicking back. A good Hefeweizen makes me giddy.
Your favorite motto?
This too shall pass.
Your favorite heroes in real life?
Families dealing with autism. My son Will was diagnosed when he was 3. Until you've had to live with autism 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year, it's hard to explain how traumatic it can be for families. My son is the greatest gift in my life, and he makes me smile every day, but his autism has literally brought me to tears at times. I truly admire families who are trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together.     
If not yourself, who would you be?
Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model.  
Your favorite pastime?
Riding roller coasters! The bigger, the better.
What do you love most about Dallas?
I love the intimacy of this city. Everyone and everything is so connected. I grew up in Los Angeles and never felt the sense of community that I feel here. It's intoxicating. It makes you want to get involved and be a part of something big.  
What would you change about the city?
The people who don't dare go north of 635.  
What makes a true Dallasite?
Looking good in the middle of summer without sweating.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Buffalo Gals

There are few bonds stronger than those between football wives.  We become family in the various NFL cities we get stuck in.  I was blessed when some of my "family" moved to Texas.  Had a great dinner tonight with my girls Blake and Amanda at Jasper's in Plano.  Love these girls so much!

The weather in Texas isn't great, but on some fall days...

It's perfect.
Klyde Warren Park - 11.19.13
70 degrees

Friday, November 15, 2013

I ♥ Blushington

I hate doing my makeup for events and t.v. appearances.  Hate it.  And I'm not very good at it either.  It takes too long and it never looks very good.  But thanks to Blushington in Dallas, looking good at an event isn't a problem anymore! 

Blushington provides professional makeup application at affordable prices in a super-cute and fun environment.  I love walking in and hearing old-school Michael Jackson playing on the sound system.  I sit back and relax and sip champagne while having my makeup done.  It's the best!  I've had my makeup done by four different artists and I've been thrilled every single time.  I highly recommend it if you've got a special event to attend.  Check out the website at - they've got a location in L.A. too! 


Women That Soar Awards

Photo Credit: Danny Campbell

Last Saturday, I was honored to receive the Leadership Award presented by Gina Grant and her amazing organization - Women That Soar - at their annual awards gala.  I can't tell you how honored I am to be recognized by WTS.  Woman That Soar was created to empower and inspire women spiritually, financially, mentally and physically.  WTS believes that if women share their stories of trials, tribulations and triumphs, we can encourage one another to overcome our obstacles.  Apparently they thought my story could inspire others dealing with autism among other things in their lives.

It was a great night.  My friend and Football Wives castmate Melani Ismail presented my award.  Actress Regina King was one of the hosts and some of my favorite artists performed - Wess Morgan, Kenny Lattimore and Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny's Child).  And I've got to give a shout out to my friends at Watters who let me borrow that one-of-a-kind gown.  It was a great night - one I won't forget.

 Me and Angie Blade
 With Eric Annise and LeeAnne Locken
 With Melani Ismail
 With David Lopez of Watters
 Michelle Williams
 Accepting my award
 With Tamera Nalls
 The Fabulous Victoria Snee
 Red carpet ready!
With the fabulous Naila Malik

The afterparty - LeeAnne, Courtney Kerr and Cheryl Roseborough

Friday, November 8, 2013

I love this little chick!


I know I'm not doing a great job keeping up this blog but I've been so busy (what's new, right).  I filed my first Petition for Review with the Texas Supreme Court week before last.  And I've been busy on The Broadcast.  Today I interviewed Hill Harper about his new book, "Letters to an Incarcerated Brother."  This guy is SO IMPRESSIVE.  I wish I had more than 5 minutes to interview him.

Promise to catch up on the blog soon!