Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Behind the Scenes on The Broadcast

After a marathon day yesterday (our studio was invaded by the folks at The Ticket for the Ticket Takeover leading up to the Cowboys game last night) it was back to work for the crew.  Suzie Humphreys was supposed to be in Canada for an appearance but thanks to her changed plans, all five of us were on set today for the first time together. It was a blast!

My friend Kimberly came to set today to hang out in the studio audience.  She captured some great behind-the-scenes shots.  During other people's segments, you can usually find us on our cellphones or chatting it up with the people in the audience.  Personally, I enjoy the breaks after cooking and drinking segments - we usually descend on the goods like vultures.  Today's treats were cookies and chocolate - YUM!


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