Friday, February 28, 2014

Savoring the little things...

I'm not often home in time for school pick up - but I was today.  I enjoyed following this little one home...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Week-And-A-Half's Worth of The Broadcast!

I'm busy... so busy that I forget to blog sometimes.  Or, I remember but by the time I get home in the evening, I'm just too tired to fire up the computer and tell you how awesome (or not) my day.  So here goes the recap of my latest stint on The Broadcast.

A couple weeks right after I got back from Super Bowl festivities in NYC, I filled in for co-host Courtney Kerr who made her way to the big apple for NYFW.  The most notable part of that week was the snow in Dallas one day.  Here's a "snelfie" I took before the show that morning (get it - a snow selfie)...

I slipped on some ice that day and tweaked my back.  I spent the rest of the week on pain mains while trying to function.  That was tough, but I managed.  Thanks to Macy's for outfitting the cast that week.

On Friday the 7th, we all wore red for women's heart disease awareness day.  This is an issue near and dear to my heart.  I've said it before - I see a cardiologist once a year because heart disease runs in my family.  I'm glad we represented that day!  A show highlight - I got to interview Kiefer Sutherland about his new movie Pompeii.  WINNING!  And my co-host Lisa Piniero and I noshed on one of our favorite heart-healthy snacks.  If you haven't tried the truffle salt Live Love Pop popcorn, you're missing out!


This past week was my regular week on the show so Suzie Humphreys was out of town.  And with Courtney still in New York for fashion week, we filled her chair with guest hosts the rest of the week.  Let me tell you - we had a blast.  It was probably one of the best weeks of the show.  Had to start each day with a morning cup o' joe, but the guest hosts made getting up early every day so worth it!  

First up was my boy Jackson of Fluent Dallas.  You'll recognize Jackson as one of our Weekend Insiders on the show.  He was a natural hosting and so much fun!  Make sure you check out his concierge service at

Even though it was cold and drizzly that morning, a true highlight was getting to play in this bad boy.  We did a segment on the upcoming Dallas Auto Show and they brought this Rolls Royce and a Maserati out for us to preview.  The Rolls was amazing.  There are lights on the ceiling that look like stars.  And the umbrella in the body of the car came in handy.  Of course, this car is a little bit out of my price range - it costs nearly as much as my house!

And Tuesday's show, well... it was one of the BEST EVER!  Comedian Paul Varghese was our guest co-host and he was an absolute hoot!  We started the show with an interview with NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin.  He was really happy with the interview and told me I did I great job.  Sweet!  Then the show just got better.  We played a trivia game with the Chippendales hunks.  Yeah, tough day at the office...

On Wednesday's show, one of our favorite chef's hosted with his.  If you don't know Tre Wilcox, you're missing out.  I've known Tre for a while - I was a fan when he was on Top Chef, so when he opened up a restaurant right here in Dallas a couple of years ago, I was there!  Tre now does private cooking classes - I can't wait to get in on one of those.  His laugh is infectious and he was so much fun!  He was all ready for us to demonstrate that couples yoga move below.  I was in that dress and having none of it!  Unfortunately, he didn't cook for us since he was in host-mode.

We finished out the week with one of my favorite morning DJs - DeDe Maguire from K104.  And on Friday, singer Sara Hickman filled in.

I hope you're tuning into the show.  We are Monday - Friday from 9-11am and 4-6pm on KTXD in Texas.  During the show, you can also livestream us on the web at  You can also check out clips from the segments on the website.  I'm so glad it's my off week - lots of legal work to catch up on and pageant prep to get into (oh yeah - that bad boy is in like TWO MONTHS).

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super Bowl - a recap!

Goodness - I know this is about a week overdue, but it's taken me that long to recover from a fabulous trip to NYC for Super Bowl weekend.  I know there is a bunch of back and forth about the fact that the game was actually played in New Jersey, but I never actually stepped foot in that state, so my recap is all about NYC!

After I smooth first-class flight to the big apple on American, I checked into my hotel - The Sanctuary.  Listen - I can't say enough good things about this hotel.  It was amazing.  The room was actually spacious for the Times Square area - there was plenty of room to navigate without feeling claustrophobic.  And what really made the hotel top-notch was the concierge service.  If we needed anything, they got it done.  It was a nice treat.

I waited anxiously for my sister Andrea to arrive from California.  Once she did, we hit the ground running! 

First up after a bite to eat, I went over to Saks Fifth Avenue for a fashion show fitting and reception.  

Then I was off to work the catwalk for Alyssa Milano's Touch by Alyssa Milano fashion line.  It was fun bumping into my friend and fellow supermodel Julie Dorenbos at the show styled by my friend Renee Reese.

I don't know how we managed it, but Andrea and I made our way over to the EA Sports party after the fashion show.  This party was a blast.  Old school faves like Busta Rhymes performed.  We were apparently having too much fun at the party - I forgot to take pics!

On Friday, we were up early to head to Saks for the Off the Field Players' Wives Association fashion show.  I had the honor of co-hosting the event with retired NFLer Chester Pitts.  My buddy Pat Smith was honored with an Impact Award for all the amazing things she does for women and children.  And a highlight of the morning was when Gayle King (yes, Oprah's BFF) came up to me after the show and told me I'd done a great job.  WOO!  Hope I get to host again next year in Arizona!

Supermom Holly Robinson Peete attended the fashion show with her son RJ.  I hadn't seen RJ since he was a baby!  For so many reasons, seeing him brought me to tears.  Then, when I ran into my friends Staci and Linda, I really lost it.  Their husbands were coaches in Buffalo when Ryan was on the team.  Now the guys coach in Denver - I was really hoping (for them) that the Seahawks would win (we all know how that turned out).

After the show, Andrea and I raced over to radio row - I had an interview scheduled with the NFL for their Women's Initiative.  Radio row is a trip - saw lots of old friends in the media.  It's always good to catch up.  There was also a press conference being held for Kevin Costner's new movie, "Draft Day."  Then we ran into Jesse Jackson on our way out.

After a quick dinner and some rest, we headed to the ESPN Party - Robin Thicke was the featured performer.  And I ran into Kellan Lutz!  I'm a Twihard and I also got to interview Kellan via satellite for The Broadcast a couple weeks ago.  It was great to meet him in person.

The next day I did what I do - I volunteered.  Although I desperately needed some sleep, I made my way to Yankee Stadium for the Garth Brooks-Justin Tuck ProCamp.  Y'all know I love me some Garth Brooks and I always do what I can to support him and Teammates for Kids.  It was an awesome way to spend the afternoon.

On my last night in NYC, we tried desperately to get into the Directv party but no luck.  We were standing there and watched Donovan McNabb get turned away!!!  If he couldn't get in, we knew we were screwed.  So we made our way over to Jay Z's 40/40 club and danced the night away!

NYC did not disappoint.  Lucky for me, I got out of the city Sunday morning - a snow storm stranded folks in the big apple the following day.  But good times, great memories.  Looking forward to Arizona next year!