Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bucket List Interview Today on The Broadcast!!!

About a month ago, I learned that Misty Copeland was coming to Dallas for a book signing.  "Who is Misty Copeland?" you ask?  Well, she's only the third-ever African American solo ballerinas for the American Ballet Theatre - the first in twenty years.  I came to "know" Misty (if you will) on social media - she's always posting amazing pics on Instagram (@mistyonpointe).  But behind all of those spectacular pictures, she's got an incredible story about overcoming adversity.  Her book "Life in Motion: an Unlikely Ballerina" tells the story of how she grew up poor in Los Angeles with five siblings in a single-parent home.  She took her first ballet class at 13 and was on pointe three months later!  She clearly has a God-given talent, but her ability to persevere makes her even more beautiful and endearing.  Check out the book and our interview on The Broadcast today.

Part I of the Interview:

Part II of the Interview:

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