Friday, April 4, 2014

What I didn't post from last week on The Broadcast...

I swear I'm gonna try to do better.

NFLer David Nelson and his brother stopped by the show to talk about their foundation I'm Me ( and all the great work they do in Haiti.  We had a great time at Tahari last Thursday night fundraising for the charity.

Lucky me - the same day these good looking guys were on the show, we had two other very special guests in studio...

Brenda Strong from Dallas (and Desperate Housewives):

And Olympic medalist Jordan Malone:

I had to quickly rush out of the studio to interview Draft Day's Tom Welling (aka Super Man from Smallville), but before that I had to take a selfie with our guest host Marcus Spears:

We had another exciting show last Friday - we were talking Final Four with Rolando Blackman.  Gina Miller guest-hosted that day.

After the show, Amy and I drove over to Pollo Tropical for a surfing competition.  We both designated charities - Amy was surfing for Wounded Warriors and I designated the Autism Treatment Center.  Earlier in the week, we had a segment on the show.  Amy kicked my butt... live on the air.

But when it counted, I stayed on the board a bit longer than Amy.  The good news - Pollo Tropical donated $1,000 to both of our charities. 

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