Monday, June 30, 2014

Last week though....

Back at my old firm in 2010, I started working on a case.  Here we are halfway into 2014 and that case is finally being considered by the Texas Supreme Court.  You may be asking - "But Dawn, you left your firm in March - I thought you were taking a break from practicing law...."  Well, not this case.  It's way too important to me.  We won at the trial court level and were overturned on appeal.  I spent most of last week working on the brief that is due this Wednesday.  I need another vacation.

I did have some time last week to emcee the Hand in Hand luncheon benefiting Helping Restore Ability.  The highlight of the luncheon was meeting and interviewing the wonderful Marlee Matlin.  The Academy-Award winner was incredibly inspiring.  It was such a pleasure hosting this event and hearing her motivational words.

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