Thursday, July 31, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

If you're a mom or dad of young kids, you've undoubtedly seen the movie Frozen 900 times and can sing all of the songs because you know them by heart. We're pretty Frozen-obsessed in this house, so when planning Bryn's birthday party back in May, picking the party's theme was a no-brainer. 

I've figured out a pretty great formula for a kid's birthday party - set up a movie screen and bounce house in the backyard, provide popcorn and movie snacks for the kiddos and don't forget the beer and frozen margaritas for the adults. Alcohol at a kid's birthday party? Oh, you bet. It seems to be the one thing that makes parents stick around (vs. them dropping off the kids and using the party as two hours worth of free babysitting). The formula worked again this year and the party was a HUGE success.

Whenever I host a birthday party for the kids, candy bars are my party favor of choice.  I always try to color coordinate the candy with the theme. Most of the candy comes from Candy Warehouse. If I need to supplement, I'll purchase from Oriental Trading. I even picked up a couple of things are Party City - they sell single color candy now. Candy Warehouse is my go-to website though because you can search candies by color - it makes coordinating a lot easier.

I was pretty impressed with my spread. The kids loved it too - especially Bryn.  Seeing her smiling face while everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" made all the running around worth it.

After searching EXTENSIVELY for a reasonably priced Elsa birthday cake, I was referred to Well Frost My Cakes in Wylie, TX. The cake was AMAZING! It was as good as it is cute - a real hit with all of the kids (and adults)!

After chowing down on cake and sno cones from Bahama Bucks, it was movie time. And whatever you do, don't forget glowsticks!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Happened On My Last Day "Off"

Today was supposed to be a day "off." With Suzie Humphreys leaving The Broadcast at the end of the week, I'll be taking over daily duties at the host table.  Today was my last day to sleep in on a weekday. Thank goodness I got the call yesterday that a couple of the hosts were going to be out and I needed to fill in.

The show started out with one of my FAVORITE barbecue spots in Dallas - Off the Bone. This cute, family-owned spot is on Lamar Street downtime. The ribs are to die for - they literally fall off the bone. I devoured four of them this morning - two live on the air.

We had some serious star power in the room during our second hour of the show.  You remember Bo Duke (aka John Schneider) from the Dukes of Hazzard right?  He was live, in studio today.  What a fun, personable gent.  We chatted about tonight's season finale of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots and about John's new studios in Louisiana. He even took the time to pose with some fans that congregated outside. 

And I've mentioned before that I'm a major Twihard! Ali Faulkner from Twilight: Breaking Dawn was in studio. Gotta love a hometown girl who makes it in the big leagues.

My dress today is from Banana Republic at Galleria Dallas - you can find the link here.  And shout out to jeweler Bobby Schandra who hooked me up with a fabulous pair of studs. Food, superstars and jewelry all in one show?  It doesn't get better than that.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I Believe I Can Fly...

Bucket List

Fly on a trapeze - CHECK!!!!

Yesterday was probably the hottest day yet this year in Dallas, but that didn't stop some friends and me from putting on our own circus act in downtown Dallas for my friend Miesha's birthday.  With the Dallas skyline behind us, Donovan and his gang at Skyline Trapeze literally showed us the ropes.  After a quick demonstration, we were flying through the air.

This was by far the most fun I've had in a while.  The trapeze is terrifying and challenging, but the rush you get from flying in the air is so worth it! We'll definitely be trying it again... SOON!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Fashion on The Broadcast

I love, love, love this dress I wore yesterday from Belk.  It's a Julia Jordan dress and was fun and flirty. I paired it with a cute pair of snakeskin sandals.

And today was a rarity - we never coordinate outfits and usually come out in all different colors. Not today - all black and white with a splash of blue. I wore a Kensie dress with a pair of strappy black sandals.

Monday, July 21, 2014

This Week on The Broadcast...

Belk at the Dallas Galleria will be providing my wardrobe on the show all week. Check out this beautiful Tahari dress... and you know I love Tahari!

Coming soon!

A must-not-miss event!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Some people dread birthdays. I cherish each and every one of them. Seems like every other day I'm hearing about someone's passing. So I celebrate being blessed with another year!  

While we didn't do much to celebrate, my little sister and big cousin came into town. Good times were had by all!

The big 3-8!

At Mexican Sugar in the Shops at Legacy

Heading to a friend's 40th ON my birthday - July 13th