Friday, September 19, 2014

The Week in Review - The Broadcast Edition

I always say I'm going to do a better job updating my blog, but then life happens and next thing you know it's been almost a month since my last post. Well, get ready... I'm going to rapid fire a couple of updates.

First up - The Broadcast. It was an interesting week for us on the show as we started our new format. Instead of being on from 9 - 11 am every day, we're on from 10 - 11. Time-wise, I love the change - I get to sleep in a little bit later (although that means sitting in traffic on the way to work) and the show is over in a snap. But the content just keeps getting better - here's a quick wrap up of the week.

I've gotta be honest - the beginning of the week is a bit of a blur and seems so long ago (which reiterates the need to update this blog more frequently). But I did a great segment with Chef Richard Chamberlain talking about this weekend's Oktoberfest in Addison. He took me back to my German roots with some yummy cabbage and sausage. And don't forget the beer! 

Repost - Chef's Facebook Page

My favorite part of the show Wednesday was discovering the band Barcelona. This Seattle-based group just spent the summer opening up for the group The Fray. Lead singer Brian had me at "we're inspired by '90s R&B." I came home and downloaded a bunch of their music. You should check them out! 

White House Black Market provided my wardrobe for the latter part of the week. This is their Iconic Artist Moto Zip dress - so comfy and stylish. 

Yesterday I did a great segment with some folks from the DFW Walk Now for Autism Speaks. The annual walk is a little under a month away and will be held at Texas Motor Speedway again. We've signed up Team Will again - you can make a donation to our team by clicking here. The ladies and I also competed in our first annual homecoming mum contest. For those of you outside of Texas, mums are a tradition here - the girls wear huge ones around their necks while the guys where garters on their arms. It's tradition. Well, I'm happy to report that our friends at McShan Florist chose mine as the winner. I was so pumped!

I wore the tulip wrap dress yesterday from White House Black Market - LOVED IT!

I had a little oopsie moment yesterday. I have a love-hate relationship with the teleprompter - sometimes it's just not my friend. I had to tape an interview with former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb about a film he consulted on called "The Forgotten Four." After we wrapped up the interview, I was informed that I called him "Donovan McNam." Nice. I'm still beating myself up over that. DOH! Clearly I hadn't had enough coffee and was still half asleep.

And finally today - an absolute highlight was having comedian Godfrey in studio. I missed his visit last time he was on the show - and apparently there were fireworks!!!! I quickly realized today that Godfrey is not only funny but unbelievably intelligent. He'll tackle hot topics that can be controversial and uncomfortable but he makes you laugh while he's doing it. I knew we'd get along when I realized neither of us are fans of Kim Kardashian. I wrapped up the week chatting with the Weekend Insiders and enjoying a brew being featured at Oktoberfest. It was a good week.

This was my favorite outfit of the week. This lace print skirt was so fun and comfy and the faux leather sweater top were perfect! I actually purchased the skirt since I loved it so much!

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel or Facebook page for all of the clips from this week's shows. 

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Anonymous said...

You had a busy week!

I love the Paulaner beer! I went to the Chamberlain's media preview of their Oktoberfest menu and the Paulaner beer was a great accompaniment to each course.