Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Odysseo by Cavalia

The tent went up weeks ago - a massive, eye-catching structure erected in the parking lot of Dr. Pepper ballpark in our hometown of Frisco, Texas. It was hard to ignore. It drew us in every time we drove by. The show's stars were horses - at least that's what we gathered from the sign next to the 125-foot big top. Odysseo by Cavalia. Yes, we'd have to see this show.

Imagine my surprise and delight when some of the (human) performers from the show made an appearance on The Broadcast last week. A troupe of acrobats discovered on the beaches of Guinea performed for us. Drums. Dancing. Excitement. Yes, we'd have to see this show.

And we did. Last week we were guests at Odysseo's Rendez-vous VIP experience and the show was SPECTACULAR! From the moment the horses first entered the arena we were in aw. There were no trainers... just these beautiful white horses seemingly exploring their surroundings for a couple of minutes undeterred. It was breathtaking. Then the fun began. 

I'm not sure who's routines were more impressive - the acrobats who performed a human carousel or the majestic horses galloping around the 80,000 gallon lake that magically appeared before our eyes. All I can say is that Odysseo was like a dream and we were transfixed for the entire two hour show. There are a few more shows in Frisco - Odysseo will be here through this weekend. See it if you can. You won't regret it!!  For more info, visit

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