Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The calm before the storm...

There is just something about a sunrise that gets me...

Every... single... time.

So when I walked into our studio this morning and saw this sight, I had to pause for a minute. The lights were out. The calm before the storm.

It was an early morning for me - I had a scheduled pre-tape for Take Charge Parenting that didn't work out. And that's okay. Because if I hadn't had to be at "the office" early, I wouldn't have seen this. It was a beautiful start to the morning.

We had a very spirited discussion during table talk about children (and adults too, really) being accountable for what they post on social media. Call me crazy, but I think parents are responsible for teaching their kids about safely and respectfully posting on social media. Yes, parents should monitor what their children are doing on Twitter, Snapchat and any of the other mediums our kids are using these days. And I'm always perplexed when someone says, "You just wait until you have teenagers." You know what?!? Bring it. Because by the time my kids are in their teens, I would've hopefully instilled in them the importance of accountability. Yes, they'll make mistakes. But conversations regarding this stuff should happen BEFORE there are issues, not after. Check out the clip and let me know your thoughts.

We had fun on Take Charge Parenting as well. NFL great Drew Pearson stopped by to talk about his new show and to share his thoughts with us on sportsmanship. You can see today's episode here.

My Tootsies look for the day is another gem from Tadashi Shoji - lace is in this season, and I'm lovin' these dresses. 

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