Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fashion Stars for a Cause

Suicide. I remember hearing the news a couple years ago that former NFL great Junior Seau had taken his own life. It was devastating. Junior was too young. He was too happy. He was the guy that always had a smile on his face... who was always making sure everyone else was okay. He had money, good looks, a great family... everything. But he's gone... a single gunshot wound to the chest. All I could think about in the days following is death was how lonely, how hopeless he had to be to think that leaving his children without a father was the right choice. I can't imagine that pain. But it happens to people. It happened to Junior.

When I was nominated by Yvonne Crum to participate in this year's Fashion Stars for a Cause benefiting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas, I thought about Junior. I said "yes" without hesitation hoping my participation would help raise funds for this incredible resource in North Texas. From the 24-hour crisis line staffed by trained volunteers to programs that help those who have lost a loved one to suicide, it certainly is an incredible resource for those here in the metroplex and across the country.

Photo - Danny Campbell

Fashion Stars for a Cause is a great way to raise funds for the center and there are a couple of fun ways to get involved. You can join us for the Gala Dinner on March 20th at the Dallas Country Club. My former co-host of The Broadcast Suzie Humphreys will emcee the event (honorary) chaired by Toni and Daniel Hunt. My fellow fashion stars and I will be showcasing fashion by Belk. It's going to be an awesome event. Tickets can be purchased for $250 each - a small price to pay to support the services and support offered by the center. For more information, click here or email Yvonne Crum at yvonnecr@flash.net.

In addition to the gala, raffle tickets are available and I've got to tell you about the incredible prize up for grabs - it's a royal dinner party with the Royal Chef himself, Darren McGrady! He is the former chef to Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry. Chef McGrady has been on the Broadcast a couple of times and always has wonderful stories to tell about his time with the royal family. Your dinner party will include the following:

  • A 4 course dinner based on the dishes served at Buckingham Palace including food and wine pairings;
  • Butler service to prepare your table, greet and serve your guests;
  • An autographed copy of "Eating Royally" - Chef McGrady's top selling cookbook - for each guest;
  • Chef McGrady will join your table and will share stories with you and your guests;
  • You'll consult with the Royal Chef on the menu;
  • All errands will be taken care of - the food purchase, shopping, and preparation;
  • Table set up and tear down.
And as if all of this isn't worth the cost of the raffle ticket alone, the winner will also receive a $5,000 gift card from Belk!!!! It truly is an incredible prize package. Tickets are $50/each or 3 for $100. You can purchase them from me or online here. Make sure you put my name in the description box at the top of the order form.

Thank you so much for supporting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas! Join us for an incredible night raising funds for this incredible cause!

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