Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sad Face

If you asked me what my dream job is, it's hosting a television program. My prayers were answered when The Broadcast came along. Being asked to host Take Charge Parenting was the icing on the cake. I loved everything about the show - working with our producer Dina and the Kid's Doctor herself, Dr. Sue; learning from the cream of the crop from Children's Health about issues ranging from healthy eating habits to allergies; and knowing that as parents we get freaked out every once in a while... and that's okay. Thanks to the info I learned on Take Charge Parenting, my daughter has actually stopped sucking her thumb!

So it's with great sadness (for me anyway) I share that Take Charge Parenting is heading over to WFAA and will begin airing March 17th. I looked forward to the show every week and I'm going to really miss being a part of it. I am so sad to see the show go - but I wish the crew all the best as the start their next chapter for the show. I'll be tuning in!

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