Thursday, May 7, 2015

Phoenix House Triumph For Teens Luncheon

Ryan and I had a wonderful time at a luncheon at the downtown Omni featuring actress/director Robin Wright. I love Robin Wright. I have ever since I watched the Princess Bride for the first time. And then Forrest Gump???  I was a captive audience. Robin shared an inspiring chat with WFAA morning anchor Ron Corning. She talked about the magic that happens when you get over the fear of failing (I'm still working on that) and while her career as an actor is her passion, she's discovered a new passion - directing! She joked that it's probably because she likes to be in control.

Mostly though, I appreciated her brief comments about why we were there today. She talked about her relationship with her kids and the conversations they have. They trust their mom. They are open with her. They communicate. Which is good, because she wants to know what's going on with them to keep them safe and steer them clear of alcohol and narcotics. It sounds like she's doing a great job.

The beneficiary of today's luncheon is the Phoenix House - a nonprofit that provides short and long term care options for people struggling with addiction. It was my first time hearing about the organization but one I felt an immediate connection to. I was around a lot of alcohol growing up. I was drunk for the first time at 12 years old. I can see how problems can come out of nowhere when no one's watching. So I appreciate the work Phoenix House is doing and I'm looking forward to supporting them in the future.

For more information about Phoenix House, click here.

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