Monday, June 1, 2015

Restaurant Review: Kona Grill

We don't cook much... between Will's therapy in the afternoons and Bryn's activities, we usually end up eating out (one can only throw so many meals in the crockpot). For a while, pickings have been slim in the area, but lots of new restaurants are opening up in our neck of the woods. A new chain restaurant opened up in Plano recently and we decided to check it out.
So... Kona Grill. Seemed to have an upscale vibe from the outside but I noticed online it had a kids menu... SCORE! We actually managed to get a reservation on a Friday night too... not because it wasn't crowded, but because the place was huge! Parking was a little tough too - the restaurant sits next to an Eatzi's and a new apartment complex. While we found refuge on the restaurant side of the place, the bar and patio were packed with grown folks enjoying the nice weather (we had a quick break from the rain) and happy hour specials.
To say this place is kid-friendly is an understatement. From Etch-A-Sketches for each kid and bento boxes complete with orange creatures, Bryn proclaimed it was her favorite restaurant ever! I enjoyed a strawberry basil lemonade (adult) before I munched down on sushi (soft shell crab) and lobster mac-n-cheese. Overall, it was really good. Our sweet server seemed nervous though - he introduced himself four times. And another waiter spilled a glass of water on his table. Eek! Growing pains for sure...

We look forward to going back.

Kona Grill


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