Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lake Austin Resort - Best Birthday Present Ever!!!

What a week! After spending the most perfect 4th of July with Ryan and the kids at the FC Dallas game, I hopped in Hot Chocolate (the Camaro) the following morning to make what's becoming an annual trek down I-35 to my happy place - Lake Austin Resort. Everything about this place screams relaxation and luxury. You pull up to the gate and a friendly voice greets you over the intercom. A gentleman met me outside to escort me to the front desk and grabbed me a cold glass of lemonade. After a quick check-in, I made my way to my room to unpack before I dove into some activities (the first class of my trip was actually an aqua aerobics class). After a relaxing yoga class, I inhaled lamb chops in the dining room (they were so good I ordered them again the following night) then made my way to the spa for the first of THREE massages I scheduled during the trip.

I love the activities at Lake Austin Resort. I went hiking, took dance classes (even a Bollywood class - that was fun), played BINGO (and won), went on a boat cruise and wrapped up each afternoon with some sort of stretching or relaxation class. Most afternoons were spent by the pool... it was just me, my iPod and a REALLY good book (Grey). I came back from Austin glowing! I even took a fun watercolor painting class. There really is a little something for every one and every fitness level at the resort and you can do as much or as little as you want.

I always get this question - "Did you go by yourself?" YES!!!!! That's the best part of these trips. There's no coordinating schedules with anyone - no one asking, "So what do you want to do?" Each night I look at the schedule for the following day and plan out activities, but I really just go with the flow. One morning I stayed in the bed until 11:30 - I skipped breakfast, paddleboarding, etc. and just slept. It was probably my best day at the resort!

And the food... those lamb chops; gnocchi with lamb meatballs; a salmon lunch bowl that was to die for; pineapple cake; and fresh figs off the resort's tree every day. FRESH FIGS! I look forward to the food every time I go back. It's fresh, healthy and filling and always helps me overcome sugar and diet soda cravings. I'll have to remember next year to make sure I'm eating clean in the weeks leading up to my visit - my tummy was having a little trouble digesting all of that goodness but that didn't stop me from inhaling the food!

Something that was a little different on this visit than in years past - I actually spent a lot of time with some of the other guests. I usually like sitting quiet with my iPod and reading - but me and some of the other ladies on solo trips bonded over our meals and activities. It was a blast.

On my last night there, I made my way to the spa for one more spa treatment. I had my phone with me because I was planning on taking some pics for the blog that night. I had the BEST MASSAGE EVER (literally) and worked my way back to my room. I was feeling a little bummed - the worst part about my visits is having to leave. It was close to 9 pm and it was dim outside. So quiet. I rounded the corner and looked out over the lawn to the lake and saw this...

There were five deer grazing while fireflies lit up around them. I just sat there and watched them until they sauntered off. A God-sighting. So peaceful. So beautiful. In that moment, all was right in the world. I'd saved my dessert from dinner that evening so I decided to go spend some quiet time on the dock enjoying it. It was amazing... everything I look forward to about visiting the resort.

After five glorious days at Lake Austin, I packed up and made my way back home.

An interesting tidbit... while I was there, Travel & Leisure named Lake Austin Resort the 4th best destination spa resort IN THE WORLD! I'm telling you - there is a reason I keep going back. It's heaven on Earth. My happy place. Let me start saving up now so I can go back next summer!

I hit 39 yesterday. That's right. I'm just one year shy of the big 4-0 and life couldn't be sweeter. I spent a lazy day with the family chillin' around the house then had dinner at Truluck's in Dallas with Ryan. Oysters and crab claws y'all - they were divine! It was the perfect ending to my week long birthday celebration! Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!

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