Friday, July 3, 2015

Less Talking More Stripping: Magic Mike XXL Review

I saw Magic Mike in theaters not once... but twice (as in I-actually-paid-for-tickets twice to see it - crazy, I know). I've been waiting for the sequel ever since. I was so excited to see Channing Tatum playing with his blow torch to Ginuwine's "Pony" that I went to see the flick at an opening day matinee on Wednesday. It didn't disappoint (much). 

The movie was ridiculously cheesy... I expected nothing less from a movie about male strippers -excuse me... male entertainers - but it was borderline ridiculous. The movie is long and I remember thinking to myself halfway through it: LESS TALKING, MORE STRIPPING (I mean dancing/entertaining). Everything is over the top... I'm talking a security-guarded "Haunted Mansion" looking male stripper brothel; five horny MILFs in another mansion who aren't looking for a par-tay but are happy one showed up on their doorstep in the form of male strippers; and the same strippers packed like sardines in a convertible Rolls Royce rolling into Myrtle Beach for a last-hurrah stripper convention. But hey... Channing and crew did add "XXL" to the title of the movie so I knew it would be over the top.

Fortunately bigger was better in many ways. Moviegoers will not be disappointed by the male "entertaining" scenes... they deliver. The last 15-20 minutes of the movie make the melodrama well worth it - look for Channing's duet with "So You Think You Can Dance" alum and "Ellen" DJ Twitch. It's hot. NFL alum and morning talk show host Michael Strahan makes a guest appearance in the movie and let me put it like this... I will never, ever, ever look at him the same again... ever. And there's a scene with Joe Magnaniello dancing in a convenience store to the Backstreet Boys that is one of the best scenes in a movie I have ever seen. Ever. I was still laughing and crying twenty minutes after it was over. Super hot Matt Bomer's pipes (by that I mean singing voice) are on full display too. These highlights make sitting through the rest of the movie totally worth it.

My verdict: if you liked the first movie, you'll appreciate this one. Get your friends together, have some cocktails and see it. 

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