Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tackling Football... Jen Welter Cracked the Glass Ceiling!!!

Smart - check.
Hot - check.
Super nice - check.
Can kick butt on the football field - check.
Cracked the glass ceiling and has become the first female coach in the NFL - CHECK!
Overall bad ass - CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

I almost tried to flip a cartwheel last night (that could've been bad) when I read the Arizona Cardinals hired my friend Dr. Jen Welter. She'll be an assistant coaching intern during training camp and the preseason making her the first female coach in the NFL. Leave it to this amazing woman to make history!

Jen has been a trailblazer for women in football. Not only has she played for many, many years (she became the first woman to play professional football in a non-kicking capacity when she suited up for the Texas Revolution) but she's coached at the professional level for the same pro team this year (the Revs even made it to the championship game this year). I've seen this woman take a helluva hit (and pop right back up) and earn the respect of her teammates and players. We had the privilege of interviewing her a couple of times on The Broadcast and I'm glad to say she's become a friend. She's an amazing woman and I'm beyond excited for her! The Cardinals have a new fan and I'll be cheering her on this year!

Here's a link to our interview with Jen a couple of months ago! Jen Welter on The Broadcast

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