Friday, July 31, 2015

There's a New (Movie) Player in Town

Last night Ryan and I (and a bunch of other super important people) got a VIP sneak preview of the brand new Studio Movie Grill in The Colony. We're already big fans of SMG and often traveled down to the Plano location to enjoy dine-in movies. That location is now closed for some much-needed renovations, so we're glad we have this new location nearby. The new theater is located convenient at 121 and 423 (Main).

SMG has done a great job with it's new theater. There's a full bar with plenty of seating in the lobby to enjoy bites and cocktails before your movie. The auditoriums feature stadium seating and amazing sound systems. We were treated to a viewing of the new flick Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (which is AWESOME) and we could feel the vibration from the bass in the seats. The service was great - the staff was pleasant and wonderfully accommodating (even after a few scheduling hiccups). Overall, we were really happy with the experience and look forward to going back!

Some things to remember about SMG:
  1. SMG isn't open seating - every seat is reserved. You pick your seats when you order your tickets. Sometimes big blockbusters and new releases sell out. We've found that ordering tickets in advance (24 hours usually works for us) allows us to pick the seats we want without a fuss.
  2. You can order food and drinks throughout the movie. And... so can everyone else. That means servers will be going up and down rows during the movie. They try to be as unobtrusive as possible, but in a big theater with lots of folks, their presence is noticeable.
  3. Theater seats have come a long way over the years. These seats are pretty comfortable but they are new... we found them to be a little stiff (your posture will thank you - maybe not) with a little give. If you do end up sitting towards the front of the theater on the floor, those seats recline. I've always been a back-of-the-theater sort of girl, but reclining seats might get me to move up to the front.

On a special note, SMG offers special needs screenings for some movies. It's the perfect family-friendly environment for our kiddos and their siblings. The screenings are shown with the lights up and volume lowered. It's a no-judgment zone as our kids can talk, move freely throughout the theater and even "dance in the aisles" during the movie if they feel like it. This, on top of other special screenings like Girls Night Out and Family Rewind make SMG the perfect movie location for everyone. Click here for more information.

The theater opens TODAY - check out for more information.

SMG founder and CEO Brian Schultz and other SMG reps
during the ceremonial film cutting.

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