Monday, September 28, 2015

What a Weekend

What a weekend! I still haven't recovered. Ryan and I hung out at the Hotel Intercontinental with other autism parents, practitioners, doctors, presenters and businesses that support Generation Rescue and it's Autism Education Summit. Ryan spent Friday evening bonding with autism dads - it was a first-of-its-kind forum where the dads could relax, drink beer, and talk about their unique struggles on this journey we call autism.

Saturday, Ryan and I were on the celebrity keynote panel with Jenny McCarthy, Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Chris, Jodi Gomes and Ryan Blair. Hopefully we inspired the packed ballroom with words of hope.

We had a great time that evening at a wonderful VIP party hosted by Jenny and her cutie pie husband Donnie Wahlberg. They raised a ton of money for the foundation that will benefit families trying to recover their kids from autism.

But the highlight of that night... a young lady who decided to hit on my husband while I was standing right next to him. That hasn't really happened since his playing days. The trick asked Ryan if he still played ball and when he said no, she grabbed his arm and remarked that he was still built. Good thing I was in pseudo-shock. All hell may have broken loose.

But such a wonderful, fun, memorable weekend. I can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Autism Education Summit is HERE!

I always hate it when I log on to this blog and realize I haven't posted in weeks - like I have nothing to talk about. Geez.

But here's a quick reminder that the Autism Education Summit is this weekend! Ryan will be speaking on a dad's panel on Friday and we'll join Jodi Gomes, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Ryan Blair and Jenny McCarthy on the celebrity panel Saturday afternoon. It's not too late to register - enter the code "NEUFELD" at check out for a sweet discount! For more information, check out

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Five Whole Years!

Can you believe it's been almost five years since Football Wives premiered? I'll be sharing some of my favorite memories from the show over the next month or so. Good times.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Upcoming Events You Don't Want to Miss!

My weekends in September are a little INSANE but for so many good reasons. Here's a quick look at some super fun upcoming events:

September 12th - ESTEEM Fashion Show benefiting the Elisa Project

One of my favorite places to shop in Dallas - Tootsies - will be hosting this amazing fashion show benefiting the Elisa Project. The organization is dedicated to the development of healthy children and adolescents by promoting the awareness and prevention of life-threatening disordered eating through education, support and advocacy. Both Bryn and I will work the catwalk.  

Click here for more information.

September 13th - Touchdown Tailgate benefiting Cafe Momentum

I LOVE Cafe Momentum. This Dallas-based restaurant and culinary training facility transforms the lives of at-risk youth by providing a positive environment to learn culinary, job and life-skill training as well as mentorship and support. Chef Chad Houser runs this ship and he's truly a man with purpose. I love that I'll be able to support Cafe Momentum at this fun event. I'll be one of the celebrity judges at this yummy fundraiser!

Click here for tickets. 

September 19th - Pegasus Ball benefiting the Autism Treatment Center

Hands down, this is one of my favorite galas of the year. The black-tie event at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel in Dallas benefits the Autism Treatment Center. The ATC is an incredible LOCAL autism service provider that is doing some pretty incredible things in the community. The Pegasus Ball is a part of an entire fun-filled weekend and Ryan and I are so excited to support this amazing organization again this year.

You can find ticket info here.

September 25 - 27 - Generation Rescue's 2nd Annual Autism Education Summit

We are so excited to be included again in this amazing resource for autism families, caregivers, practitioners, etc. Ryan and I will participate on the parent panel but they've added something special this year - a dad's panel. Ryan and other autism dads will have a break out session to do some bro-bonding. It's so important - everyone always talks about "warrior moms" and so often dads fighting this autism battle don't have a voice. They will this year! And we'll get to hang out with Jenny McCarthy and her amazing hubby Donnie Wahlberg again. It's a fun, hope-filled weekend not to be missed!

Info's available here.

Our buddy Garth Brooks is coming to town in a couple of weeks - can't wait to see him in concert. And another amazing event - Mane Gait's Gala at the Gait is September 26th. I love fall in DFW - so many great events going on. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Great advice at the end of a tough Monday

Autism Chronicles: A-holes and Twitterballs

Twitterballs - I coined the term during my Football Wives days. You know how bold people get when they're hiding behind internet anonymity? I call it Twitterballs - all of a sudden folks grow a pair and say things they would never in a million years imagine saying to your face. Like the girl who tweeted me once and said Will was my karma for being a bitch. Yeah... someone said that. Crazy and unimaginable, I know. But it happens.
It happened today.
I tweeted that we received a phone call from our insurance company telling us that Will's autism therapy claim is going to denied due to lack of documentation (that he (a) has autism and (b) that the treatment is medically necessary - more on this in a moment). So this random troll responded... and it was mean. I try not to respond to these pricks - they get off on getting a response from folks. But I had to respond. One response... and I was done. I've got bigger things to worry about right now.
Back to the insurance issue. And oh yeah... our insurance carrier is UnitedHealthcare.
I wrote about the issue a couple of weeks ago. I've been waiting on the denial - we aren't the only ones this is happening to in Texas. It appears UHC is trying to circumvent state law by requiring autism families to provide oodles upon oodles of medical records, therapist records, etc. to justify claims for therapy. A simple doctor's note is apparently insufficient. The extensive evaluations done by the school district (therapists, psychologists, etc.) don't count either. And this is going to be a problem for us.
We've now got Will scheduled for intensive, multi-day medical testing so we can have him officially diagnosed with autism to justify his need for therapy services. While the testing is "covered" by insurance (ha ha ha - what a joke), there are co-pays and deductibles, missed days of school and work, time spent on phone calls, stress, etc., etc., etc. Trust me when I tell you this stuff takes a toll.
Anonymity. Will is just a number and some claims adjuster (sitting behind a desk who was so busy a couple weeks ago it took her a week to return my first phone call) is getting ready to force us into a fight that's already got me exhausted. I hate insurance companies. A-holes. They can be worse than trolls.