Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Autism Chronicles: A-holes and Twitterballs

Twitterballs - I coined the term during my Football Wives days. You know how bold people get when they're hiding behind internet anonymity? I call it Twitterballs - all of a sudden folks grow a pair and say things they would never in a million years imagine saying to your face. Like the girl who tweeted me once and said Will was my karma for being a bitch. Yeah... someone said that. Crazy and unimaginable, I know. But it happens.
It happened today.
I tweeted that we received a phone call from our insurance company telling us that Will's autism therapy claim is going to denied due to lack of documentation (that he (a) has autism and (b) that the treatment is medically necessary - more on this in a moment). So this random troll responded... and it was mean. I try not to respond to these pricks - they get off on getting a response from folks. But I had to respond. One response... and I was done. I've got bigger things to worry about right now.
Back to the insurance issue. And oh yeah... our insurance carrier is UnitedHealthcare.
I wrote about the issue a couple of weeks ago. I've been waiting on the denial - we aren't the only ones this is happening to in Texas. It appears UHC is trying to circumvent state law by requiring autism families to provide oodles upon oodles of medical records, therapist records, etc. to justify claims for therapy. A simple doctor's note is apparently insufficient. The extensive evaluations done by the school district (therapists, psychologists, etc.) don't count either. And this is going to be a problem for us.
We've now got Will scheduled for intensive, multi-day medical testing so we can have him officially diagnosed with autism to justify his need for therapy services. While the testing is "covered" by insurance (ha ha ha - what a joke), there are co-pays and deductibles, missed days of school and work, time spent on phone calls, stress, etc., etc., etc. Trust me when I tell you this stuff takes a toll.
Anonymity. Will is just a number and some claims adjuster (sitting behind a desk who was so busy a couple weeks ago it took her a week to return my first phone call) is getting ready to force us into a fight that's already got me exhausted. I hate insurance companies. A-holes. They can be worse than trolls.

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