Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I was laying in bed yesterday afternoon and I kept telling myself that I was fine. The thermometer readings kept changing... 98.6... 99.6... 97.1... 100.4 (note to self: get a reliable thermometer, like, the old school kind you put under your tongue because these high-tech gadgets fail miserably sometimes) but I felt warm. I was sweating... but cold. I had chills. My lower back started aching. I finally called my doc's after-hours line around 6 pm and was told I needed to head to the emergency room to rule out any infections. I started crying... I was hurting enough that I knew I had to go but I sure didn't want to - I hate going to the emergency room.

So I Ubered over to Plano Presby. I got there a little before 7 pm... and so did every one else apparently. The waiting room was pretty crowded and the young lady behind the desk told me the wait was about an-hour-and-a-half. Geez. 

There were three TVs in the waiting room - one was on ESPN, the other on the Disney Channel, and the third was off. I asked the receptionist if she could turn on the presidential debate - she told me she couldn't find the remote. M'kay. I was in for a long night. 

I was there a while before I finally saw a triage nurse. By then, my temperature was around 100 and I was shaking with chills. I was sent back to the waiting room and was there for a while. My chills were getting worse and the pain was increasing. But I waited, and waited, and waited. And I people watched. There was a mom there with her two young kids. She was sick - the flu, maybe? Her kids were running all over the place and she couldn't move. I felt awful for her. Then there was the kid who came in with his arm in a splint. He was wearing his football uniform - full pads. He'd been crying. Poor baby. Then there were the husband and wife who came in and sat next to me. At one point after they'd been waiting a while I hear him say to her, "Well, if you fall out onto the floor they aren't going to let you die." I feel you homie. It was surreal.

I finally get called back and put into a room after I'd been at the hospital for about two hours. My back pain had become unbearable. The guy who came in to see me told me he'd get me some pain meds - I'm not sure if he was a doctor or a nurse. It was a while before I saw another human being - a tech finally came in to get me for a CT scan of my abdomen. But she had to wait because they hadn't started an IV line. A nurse finally came in to start the line... OH MY DEAR GOD! As he's telling me that he wouldn't mind Donald Trump getting elected (then, if we're not happy with him, we can just impeach him) he's trying to insert the line and he failed. Miserably. Once he stuck the needle in my arm he poked around for a couple of minutes trying to find the vein. It was excruciating. He finally gets it in and starts drawing blood... I could hear it gushing into the vials. I thought I was going to pass out. Once he was done a nurse showed up to give me my pain meds but the CT folks were still waiting. I went to have the CT which was pretty quick. My arm was aching when I got back to the room. The IV line was so painful I had another nurse redo it on my other arm. My vein collapsed on her first attempt so she had to find another one. Once she was done she finally gave me some morphine and I started getting some relief. I was about 4 hours into my visit when I finally got pain meds.

Fortunately, all of my tests came back negative for infection. The CT scan showed some inflammation around my bowels but that was it. After another dose of morphine, I was free to go home. I left the hospital a little after midnight.

The aches and chills have subsided a bit but I'm sore and tired. Both arms are bruised and I still don't have much of an appetite. I'm on the mend nonetheless. Thank you all for the prayers, calls, texts, etc. They are much appreciated!!!!

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