Thursday, October 8, 2015

Take It Easy... No Cartwheels!


I had a hysterectomy Monday morning. I've had "chick issues" for years - polyps, irregular bleeding, etc. and figured since I will never have enough time to take six weeks off to recover, the right time for the surgery was now. 

As I was heading to the hospital early Monday, I got emotional. Even though I've known for years that we're done having kids, there is something very gut-wrenching (literally) about having the organ that allowed me to birth two children removed from my body. It's just so... final. And then I started thinking about the "what-ifs" - there is something very sobering about making sure your husband knows where your power of attorney is "just in case." There were a few tears. I was scared.

The procedure went well though. I had a decent-sized fibroid on the front of my uterus. We knew it was there but thought it was about the size of a plum. Nope - more like a lemon. My doc took pics and I can't wait to see them. The procedure was done totally laparoscopically - I've got three tiny incisions in my belly and one in my belly button. I feel like I did after my c-section with Bryn - sore, tired, stiff and in need of some serious abdominal support. I ordered Belly Bandit yesterday that will be here today. That'll help.

I'll spend the next couple of weeks recovering and doing a lot of nothing. I've had so many people insist I take it easy "because they know me." Well, I've mastered the art of doing absolutely nothing. I should put it on my list of talents. Of course, here I am writing this blog instead of sleeping, so there's that.

I'll keep you posted on my recovery. As of right now, I'm all good. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

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