Thursday, October 29, 2015

Well... Boo (Hoo)

For years we made the long trek over to Flowermound to visit the enormous and crowded super popular pumpkin patch. It was always fun but far. We were thrilled when we found out about another pumpkin patch a couple of years ago - the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm. It was much closer to home and was a truly fabulous experience. From the petting zoo to the scenic hay ride, we've looked forward to going back every year.

Unfortunately, the pumpkin farm changed locations this year. It took us an extra 20 minutes to get out to the new location in Gunter earlier this week. The drive is probably equivalent to the time it takes to get out to Flowermound. And the new location is underwhelming. It lost the homey-feel of the last location in Celina. The hay ride takes you around a square, yellow field while the last location took you on a scenic green adventure around a lake and past a little church and a barn. There were plenty of spots for photo opps at the last location... not so much at the new one. The petting zoo is always a highlight - we love seeing the majestic longhorns and other animals. We were given little Dixie cups of feed like usual, but it seemed like we were given a lot less of it so the pet feeding experience was very, very brief. And after a weekend-full of heavy rain in Texas, our pumpkin patch visit was pretty muddy and we had to venture into a water-filled field to pick out our baby pumpkins. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we were able to get a few good pics.

We'll probably head back out to Flowermound next year.

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