Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hey There Rudolph!

First a little update...

I'm FINALLY beginning to feel a little more like myself now that I'm six-weeks post hysterectomy. I'm afraid my thyroid is acting up though and that's causing some setbacks. I have heart palpitations all the time. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my breath because of it. My hair has been thinning and falling out (thank you clip in hair extensions). I'm tired all of the time but I have trouble sleeping at night even after I take Ambien. My body temperature is usually low - it was 95.5 a couple of weeks ago. My hands get a little shaky. I get a little more anxious. These are all symptoms of hyperthyroidism and I'm afraid I'm going to be put back on medication. The meds didn't make me feel better and I gained 35 pounds in about 3/4 months. So I'm not really happy about it. I'm waiting on labs from my endocrinologists office to see what my levels are. Then I'll check in with my OBGYN to get me all cleared post-surgery. I'm ready for baths, working out, and, um, you know... WORKING OUT! I'm scared because of all the weight I gained last time - I don't want to look like this again. This would really bum me out.

But on to the fun part of this post - Bryn and I got to shoot a commercial together for the Gaylord Texan resort. It was the first time we worked together and it was a lot of fun. She's a natural and I'm thinking I need to get her out on some more auditions. It was super fun getting to hang out with my baby girl all day. I can't wait to "work" with her again.

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