Monday, April 18, 2016

What an exciting weekend!

I love my city!

I gush about how much I love the city of Frisco, but I mean it - there's always so much to do!

We started out our weekend at the Roughriders ballpark for the second game of the season. The weather was perfect (actually, almost a little chilly) and the Riders won! Afterward, we were allowed to go down onto the field to watch fireworks. It was magical - I got a little emotional as I sat on the field with my family. I thought, "These are the moments they are going to remember when they grow up."

Here's our family selfie - Ryan wasn't cooperating.

On Saturday, Will got to attend a special needs soccer clinic with a superstar!!! Sydney Leroux Dwyer was in town. Not only is she a fellow Bruin (yeah!), she's also a world champion. Will had a bit of an #autism meltdown and did NOT want to go to the clinic, but once he was there he had a blast! He even got to partner up with Sydney! We're so grateful that she spent some time with our special kiddos!

Today was a chill day - it's pouring here in Texas so most of our plans were cancelled (a bummer, but that's Texas this time of year).

I'm working on updating my blog so stay tuned!

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