Friday, August 5, 2016

Better Now Than Never

Last night Ryan and I went to see the most... (and I'm trying to think of the words to describe it) emotionally beating movie I've ever seen. Gleason Movie. It's about NFL linebacker and special teams guru Steve Gleason. He spent his career with the New Orleans Saints and had one of his most memorable plays take place in the new arena after hurricane Katrina. Steve had so many highs. But the film quickly goes into his many heartbreaking lows that followed his NFL career.

This movie broke my heart. It made me realize I have a partner who I know loves me. The movie talks about faith and what happens when everyone isn't on the same page. It talks about life in the form of baby Rivers. The theme that stuck with me most in this movie was the role of the caretaker. Steve's wife Michel is a hero in this film. She is tired, and scared, and super woman and mama bear literally all at the same time. She's a force to reckon with. But she's fragile. Yet she'll totally kick your ass. Loved her in the documentary. Go see this movie. You have to.

And I tell you all of this because my takeaway from that film is to appreciate life. Every single moment of it because none of it is guaranteed. Like Steve Gleason said, "Not better later than ever. Better now than never," Indeed,

Which is why I'm on my way to Haiti in the morning to serve with I'm Me for a week. This phenomenal organization takes care of orphaned kids. Some friends of mine started the organization and I promised I'd gown down there one day with them. One day is tomorrow, and I can't wait.

I've set up a Go Fund Me account if you want to contribute... click here.
And for more information on I'm Me, click here.

Love you all!

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